A door is not only a functional feature that keeps your home warm and safe, it completes your home’s unique charm, character, and overall appearance too. We understand how much of a hard decision it can be choosing the right front door – after all, you will have to see it every day for decades to come! With this in mind, we have some front door ideas that will inspire your home makeover, whether you have a modern home in North Derbyshire or a period property in Yorkshire. We have ideas and doors that will suit your home’s personality and your family’s individual style!

Red Composite Door

The colour of Sheffield Football Club, red is an attention grabber and somewhat nostalgic. Composite doors stand strong and proud, so are perfect for homeowners that have confident personalities, or those who are avid supporters of the well-established 162-year-old football club. Particularly eye-catching on terraced houses, a red composite door can add some serious kerb appeal, allowing your home to stand out alongside the other houses in your neighbourhood.

Black Aluminium Door

A serious and sincere shade, black front doors radiates sophisticated tastes. Black doors are an aesthetically pleasing statement feature for traditional and new homes alike, but aluminium doors offer the perfect balance of contemporary and minimalist stylings – an ideal material for an architecturally modern designed home.

Chartwell Green Composite Door

A quaint, tranquil colour, Chartwell Green conjures up images of the beautiful British countryside. Well suited to elegant and classic homes, Chartwell Green composite doors are perfect for homes in the picturesque National Peak District, or homes with light sandstone, or brick exteriors.

Anthracite Grey Aluminium Door

A calming shade that’s not too dark but not too light either, Anthracite Grey offers the perfect balance of chic neutral stylings. Anthracite Grey aluminium doors are idyllic for homeowners that want a subtle, sophisticated, and trendy feature on the facade of their home. If your exterior is light and minimalistic, an Anthracite Grey door will perfectly harmonise your home’s charm.

White uPVC door 

White is exceptionally adaptable, as it can suit both modern and traditional properties alike. No matter the material or colour of your exterior, a white uPVC front door will perfectly enhance any South Yorkshire home. A pure and peaceful shade, white allows you to choose from a variety of hardware options! From chrome to brass, a white front door will effortlessly match all handles, letterboxes, and knockers.

High-quality front doors for homes in Sheffield, Yorkshire & North Derbyshire

At Sheffield Double Glazing Company, we install high performing entrance doors right across Yorkshire and North Derbyshire. Our front doors are designed to improve any properties energy efficiency levels, security standards, and weather resistance capacity. If you are searching for a new front door, then we are more than happy to guide you, advise, and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today and one of our double-glazing experts will be in touch shortly.

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