Your home should be your sanctuary where you feel at ease, relaxed, and safe. Windows and doors play a vital part in doing just this; their purpose is to keep your home warm, free of excessive noise, and secure. However, there are some scary statistics around intruders entering homes through worn and unsecure windows and doors, e.g. :

  • Front doors: 34% of burglars twist the doorknob and walk right in.
  • First-floor windows: 23% use a first-floor open window to break into your home.
  • Back door: 22% of intruders come in through the back door.

To help you identify whether your doors and windows are a security hazard, we have outlined 3 things to look out for…

1. Your windows and doors keep jamming

An obvious sign that your windows or doors need replacing is when handles are not functioning as they should. Jammed opening mechanisms make it astonishingly easy for a burglar to gain access to your home.  Upgrading your front door or windows with Sheffield Double Glazing means you have complete peace of mind, as all our windows and front doors are fitted with multi-point locking systems as standard. Featuring anti-snap and anti-drill door cylinders, our front doors can attain stringent Secured by Design accreditation; a police initiative to prevent burglaries.

2. Your windows or doors have dropped

As your windows and doors start to age, they can ‘drop’ indicating they are slightly out of place and do not sit in the frame correctly. Dropped windows and doors can be quite a struggle to open and although you may think a door or window that is hard to open is not a security risk…think again! If your windows and doors are not sitting perfectly within their profiles, then the locking mechanisms will not be as robust and sturdy as they once were.

3. Your window and doors are rotting 

 If you have old wooden windows and doors, you may have noticed them deteriorating due to decay. Rot weakens the wood and will not only affect your windows and doors security performance but their thermal properties too. You can treat the wooden joinery with fungicides, but your best option would be to replace them with a durable and vigorous replacement like our timber-effect uPVC windows and doors.

Brown Composite Door

Exceptionally secure window and door replacements for your Sheffield home 

 At Sheffield Double Glazing Company, we only install the highest quality uPVC and aluminium windows, doors, and conservatories across Sheffield, Yorkshire, and North Derbyshire. All our products meet the latest energy efficiency requirements and provide homeowners with exceptional levels of home security. In addition, we also supply and install composite doors, which are one of the most popular entrance door options for homeowners in South Yorkshire and the UK. Their intelligent use of a combination of materials makes them the strongest and durable door on the market…to date!  Composite doors are also extremely versatile and can be finished in an array of attractive and distinctive colours, designs, and finishes.

We always go above and beyond to provide the best double-glazed solutions for all your home improvement projects. Get in touch today or call us on 0114 3273433 to discuss your options further with a double glazing company who truly care.

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