Besides key workers, a lot of us have spent the past 10 months grounded to our homes, only leaving to buy essential goods for our families. Our work life and home life have become immersed into one and our once car commute has been replaced with a short walk from our home office to our kitchen to make a (or several) cups of coffee.

Most of our home improvement predictions for 2020 flew away with the wind of Storm Dennis, so let’s hope that our predictions for 2021 don’t fly away with Storm Christoph!

The sales of indoor home plants will increase

With indoor home plants being available to buy at our fingertips via a multitude of different websites, they are a very easy – and creative – way to transform any room into a tropical paradise. From Pippa the peace lily to Carol the Chinese money plant, indoor plants add a sense of calmness, coolness, and character to any environment.

Depending on your preference, some plants love natural sunlight and will go perfectly in front of your new bay windows – the perfect choice to optimise natural light entering your home. What’s even better is that at Sheffield Double Glazing, you can choose from a range of attractive finishes to complete your bay windows and ultimately, your tropical paradise scene too.

Antique furniture will appear more frequently

Keeping and embracing antique furniture – especially brass pieces – in the decor of your home, not only matches your bay windows perfectly, but also helps you to live a more sustainable lifestyle too.

We’re turning our heads to online antique auctions or vintage furniture shops on the hunt for some hidden antique gems or period pieces. Whether it be with the view to upcycle it or keep it in a more traditional state, antique furniture creates the “wow-factor” and adds a sense of storytelling to any room.

Open plan lounges will be in high demand

Small dingy spaces are a thing of the past as we’re all wishing to open up our homes, whether that be through freshening up the walls with a splash of white matte paint or decluttering, we’re all craving a sense of openness.

At Sheffield Double Glazing our sliding patio doors do exactly that. Sliding smoothly across, they provide exterior access and when closed, create a wall of glass effect and help to bring in an abundance of natural light. Exactly what we’re looking for during these times!

High quality glazing for South Yorkshire homeowners

We always go above and beyond to provide the best double-glazed solutions for all your home improvement projects. Our showrooms in Sheffield are currently still closed, however, get in contact today or call us on 0114 3273433 to discuss your options further with a double-glazing company who truly care.

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