Not only are uPVC windows a great budget-friendly option with fantastic energy efficient qualities, they are also very secure. This is due to a range of security features that provide homeowners with peace of mind, as well as value for money.

1) Multipoint locking systems

uPVC square bay window.As standard, our uPVC windows come with multi-point locking systems. These provide Sheffield homeowners with tried and tested UKAS accredited PAS 24 enhanced security. With multi-point locking systems, the security is increased through the strength of the seal that is able to be created.

The multi-point locks will essentially bolt the window right into the frame, ensuring it is secure at a number of points. Generally, there will be between three and five locking points on a window.

2) Internal beading

A bead is something that helps to hold the glazing in place. It is a small strip that runs along the edges of a window sash. Internal beading is where the glazing is fixed on the inside of a home, as opposed to on the outside. External beading was largely seen as a security issue because intruders were able to remove the beads and glass, which is not possible with internal beading because it is secured in place on the inside.

3) Double glazing for windows in Sheffield

Double glazing is a potentially crucial addition to your uPVC windows. Not only do the two panes of glass that make up the glazing provide reductions in noise and increased energy efficiency, but it also significantly improves security.

The internal beading helps considerably with the security of double glazing, as well as the thickness and strength of the glass. Additionally, the argon gas that is used in between each pane to help with heat retention is also able to act as a shock absorber.

4) Toughened/laminated glass

Brown Liniar Bay WindowThere are further options to increase the security of your windows by way of strengthening the glass. Toughened glass provides a superb resistance to force by being able to absorb increased levels of shock, as well as being very durable and robust.

Laminated glass is effective in preventing the after effects of glass being smashed. The plastic used in the lamination can hold broken shards from an attempted break-in, further thwarting the intruder. It can also help to prevent cracks and holes from appearing.

5) Accessories can enhance security for uPVC windows

As with many areas of home improvement, there are several extras that can be added to improve security. These can include:

  • Shoot bolts – these are added into the window at the top and bottom to secure it even further in place. They are mainly made from steel for extra durability.
  • Opening restrictors – these help to restrict how far a window is able to open, helping to prevent any intruder from accessing windows that open widely. They can also reduce the danger of children falling.
  • Key lockable handles – modern window handles are able to be locked by a key. This adds another layer to the difficulties intruders will face in trying to access the window.

How can I make my uPVC windows more secure?

Flush Sash WindowsAlong with the aforementioned security features of uPVC windows, there are also some things that you can do to help make your windows even more secure.

  • Replace or upgrade your locks – under-performing access points to your house such as your locks can make for easy targets for intruders.
  • Replace single glazing – single glazing is vulnerable to burglaries and is not particularly secure in its design. It would be a good idea to look at replacing your single glazing if that is what you have installed.
  • Lock your windows – this may sound like a simple factor and one that is generally second nature, but double-checking your windows are locked can help to prevent that one lapse that could prove costly.

Get your secure uPVC windows from Sheffield Double Glazing

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