As winter approaches and the nights begin to draw in, it is always tempting to go straight to the heating in order to avoid discomfort. This is great for the short term and fighting back against the cold, but it will also hurt your pockets.
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That is why it is important to look into your windows and what can be done to help to reduce those mounting bills. UPVC windows provide a number of fantastic features that can not only make your home more pleasant, but also save you money.

Is uPVC energy efficient?

UPVC windows are fantastic in terms of thermal efficiency, with high insulation values preventing any considerable heat loss. This therefore ensures that the temperature indoors is regulated and optimal for the homeowner’s requirements.

It also means that they are effective for all types of weather. UPVC keeps the house cool during the summer and, due to its non-absorption of heat, keeps the house cool during the summer.

Reduce your energy bills with our double glazed uPVC windows

With double glazing, you are sure to feel the benefits when it comes to heat retention. The double glazing design sees two panes of glass fitted into a window which provides both solid protection and insulation. In between those two panes of glass, there is an argon gas filling which helps to provide a further reduction in heat transference. Double glazing can seriously help when it comes to making savings on your energy bills, most significantly in detached properties.

The design of uPVC windows help to enhance energy efficiency

White uPVC Tilt & Turn window inside.UPVC windows are designed with an internal multi-chambered profile which is both versatile and robust. They also use sealed units on both sides of each pane of glass. Those chambers can often range from four to eight, with the higher amount of chambers generally meaning better energy efficiency. Not to mention, uPVC is a great insulator in itself.

How do I know when my uPVC windows need replacing?

In order to make the most of the thermally efficient benefits offered by uPVC windows, you need to ensure that they are performing as optimally as possible. If not, it would be a good idea to look into replacing them. Some signs to look for to see if your uPVC windows need replacing include:

  • If they are old – If your windows are 15 or more years old, then it would likely be a good idea to replace them. Not only to ensure your windows are up to date when it comes to energy efficiency and all those benefits, but also in terms of other factors such as security. Also, discolourations such as yellowing could be signs that you need replacement windows.
  • Not having double glazing installed – Double glazing is something that is sure to provide your home with a boost in thermal efficiency. If, for example, you have single glazing installed on your windows then you are losing out on heat-saving benefits that double glazing offers.
  • Any signs of damage or performance issues – Cracks and broken seals are among some of the more problematic issues when it comes to ensuring that your windows are in an optimal state. Any such damage can cause draughts and condensation to appear within your windows which can cause big issues when it comes to heat loss.
  • Being unable to open properly – Similarly, if your windows do not open properly, you will be potentially sacrificing heat retention as well as general performance.

Which type of windows are the most energy efficient and airtight?

Liniar Brown Casement WindowOur uPVC casement windows are an excellent option when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your Sheffield home. Their design means that air is less likely to sneak through, with strong seals along the frame allowing the structure to be securely fitted.

Choose Sheffield Double Glazing to help reduce your energy bills this winter

Our uPVC windows are designed and manufactured to meet the high standards needed for thermal efficiency, all helping to reduce energy bills for the upcoming winter period.

If you are in need of upgraded windows or require replacements for your Sheffield home, contact us on 01143 273433 or get a quote online.